HSR knows roofing and we always follow a precise process to complete a top-shelf roofing job. Whether you use our services or those of another contractor remember these items and you will be well on your way to having a roof that will last against time and the elements!



  • A properly ventilated attic space is key to increasing your home’s comfort by reducing the workload of your heating and cooling systems.

  • An evaluation of both intake and exhaust vents should be performed before your roof is replaced, for easy replacement during roof installation.


Roof Decking:

  • A roofing contractor should always tear the roof completely down to the bare wood.  

  • A proper deck inspection will ensure a solid foundation in which good roofs are built on.  

  • Damaged or weak sheathing should always be replaced.

Water Barrier:

  • Ice and Water barrier applied up and down valleys and along eaves (per municipality codes and elevation requirements) are key to protecting the most vulnerable parts of your roof.  

  • Drip edge metal installed on the entire perimeter of your home, prepares it to be covered with synthetic underlayment. This is your home’s rain jacket and is the final line of defense against water intrusions 


General Roofing Info:

  • Installing a new roof takes years of practice and experience to navigate difficult roofs and ensure everything is sealed well.  

  • Shingles should always be installed in a stair-step process from bottom to top. 

  • A professional will snap lines along the roof to ensure the shingles are not “rising or falling” as they work their way up your roof. 

  • The last shingle will be the Ridge Cap, they should be color coordinated and nailed on to lap with the predominate wind.

  • Clean up! Tarps should be used extensively; magnets and squinted eyes will close everything out with a professional touch.