From the days of your youth, you were told about “the roof over your head”, who put it there and
why. That roof has not lost its importance and now you are providing it to your family and loved
ones.  When you are choosing a contractor to “put a roof over your head” you cannot find a
better choice than Hale Storm Restoration (HSR).  HSR will provide a personal touch only an
owner/client experience can deliver, the owners Nicole and Paul will bring you in from the rain in
a way only a boutique firm can. Whether you have a difficult project, exacting standards, or just
want a more personal experience; choose HSR and know we will bring the highest quality
products, experienced professional staff, and a one-on-one touch of a small local company.
HSR works with all Insurance companies and we can install any roofing product or roofing
brand. HSR has partnered with the Industry behemoth GAF and as one of their certified
contractors, we can sell extended warranties and install premium products at significant savings
to our customers.
The process is important...

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